Red Hand Day: How to participate

The action is very easy to implement, whether at school, in the cities we live in, or through social media. The more people everywhere take part, the more attention we can get for the topic of child soldiers. The international Red Hand Day is on February 12th, but you can also do the action on any other day of the year. However, the closer it is to the official date, the better individual actions can be networked and made visible.

Bring Red Hand Day to social media

Color your hand with red finger paint or use the appropriate tools on our action page and post a photo on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #redhandday and your claim or wish. Ask your friends* to join the action. Our voices can only be heard if many join in. Here you can find a video and other materials about Red Hand Day

Bring Red Handy Day to the streets

Do you also like to be on the road offline and have fellow campaigners for a street action? If you want to activate as many people as possible to take part, then it is best to choose a busy place for the action, for example the pedestrian zone, school canteen or city festival. There are no limits for your ideas. Most important is the red, washable finger paint. For this you need white paper for hand prints, a clothesline, staples to hang up the prints, water or damp cloths, covering materials - and of course flyers, posters and other information on the topic. Depending on the location, you may also need a table, shelf or something similar to present the materials.

Everyone should know what you are doing. This works best when the press reports about you and the campaign. Contact the local newspaper, radio stations, community magazines etc. Write a press release with all relevant information (who, what, when, where and why). You can get a sample press release from terre des hommes. Invite politicians to participate in the campaign.

Very important: Document and post articles and photos about the campaign in the social media channels and use the hashtag #redhandday. If there are also well-known personalities involved who can be linked, this will of course attract even more attention.