Red Hand Day - Weltweite Aktivitäten

Child Soldiers International is a proud supporter of Red Hand Day and our campaign engaged hundreds of schools globally.

Submissions to our Red Hand Day campaign for schools

Schools from across the world participated in our Red Hand Day campaign


Child Soldiers International are proud supporters of the Red Hand Day Campaign. Over the past year we invited schools from across the world to get involved and show their support for ending the use of child soldiers by submitting red hand posters.

We were delighted to receive hundreds of submissions from students across the UK, the US, Canada, Australia and Japan in 2018. We took a selection of these submissions to the United Nations in New York where we co-hosted an event to mark the 18th anniversary of OPAC – the child soldier treaty.

Having young people engage in the issue of child soldiers and showing their support is wonderful to see and we hope many more will get involved with Red Hand Day over the coming years.

Child Soldiers International
London, United Kingdom
Datum der Aktion: 12/03/2018
Anzahl gesammelter Hände: 1200