Red Hand Day - Weltweite Aktivitäten

Protest against exploitation and persecution of children

Red hand prints to protest against the atrocities on children

110 children of project area in Bettiah, Bihar celebrated Red hand day. A small session and different activities were organized.


Children were divided into five groups. The programme began with a 3-minute silent prayer paying homage to all the children who have suffered due to war or other armed conflicts.

The children were made aware about Red Hand Day, it’s history and implications for children. Some videos were also shown based on child soldiers. After these presentation, the participants were sent to their respective groups for drawing, putting red hand impression to protest against the atrocity on the children and chart were prepared. The students enthusiastically took part in the activities. With these activities, the participants became aware of the exploitations and persecutions done against children of their age in different part of world.



Bettiah, India
Datum der Aktion: 12/02/2017
Anzahl gesammelter Hände: 110