Red Hand Day - Weltweite Aktivitäten

“Hum Bhi Jina Chate Hain” [we also want to live]

Govt. Primary School Children celebrate Redhandday

Red Hand Day was celebrated on 11th February, 2017 in Govt. Primary School, Chowki Chungi Chamasari village, Dehradun.


The day started with a general interaction with the students. Children showed keen interest in learning and knowing everything about this day. The objective of the day and celebration was briefed and students recited poems to express their feelings about injustice to children “Hum Bhi Jina Chate Hain” [we also want to live]. Total 60 children participated in this programme.

Chamasari village, India
Datum der Aktion: 11/02/2017
Anzahl gesammelter Hände: 60