Red Hand Day - Weltweite Aktivitäten

We all stand ready to prevent the use of child soldiers in the world's conflicts.

Please support child soldier rehabilitation centers.

Red Hand Day at ISS Germany in the yellow shirt is Arthur and in the white shirt is Koray.

ISS's grade 5 collected red hands as part of our Exhibition project. To raise awareness throughout the school and hopefully the world.


Our project was to collect as many red hands as possible. A red hand is used to create awareness about the abuse of child soldiers in the world, and awareness is the first step to positive action. I collected red hands with my Mom, Mr. Paul, Koray, Lars, Vani, and Ryan S. We used red paint and red paper to create the red hands. My goal was to collect at least 100 red hands, which would symbolize that at least 100 people are now more aware of this problem. It was a slow start. We only got fourteen hands in the first ten minutes. Then the word began to spread, and more and more  people came to see what this was all about and make their own red hand print. We had eighty red hands when my first helper had to leave. My helpers were leaving one by one, and then we were stuck on 99 red hands. But we finally convinced Hagen to participate, and thus reached our goal of 100 red hands. The final number was 101 red hands collected. 

Arthur, Koray, Lars, Ryan and Vani
Stuttgart, Germany
Datum der Aktion: 11/05/2015
Anzahl gesammelter Hände: 101