Red Hand Day - Weltweite Aktivitäten

As a school we are concerned that Human Rights and the CRC are both not being met in incidents involving child soldiers

Small Hands handle a pen better

Killing Children is killing the future

We would like to know what is being done to meet the target of children being in education by 2015!

Red Hand Day at The Lammas School

Red Hand Day Campaign


On the 13 February 2015 students at the Lammas school joined forces with the Red Hand Day organisers to raise awareness on the issue of child soldiers. At The Lammas School Ms Choudhry organised many activities that educated students on the issues of child soldiers and also to fight against child soldiers through campaigns and petitions. Students were able to take part in a T-shirt designing competition, messages of support were printed on red handprints, red hands were printed on large banners to show our support with those against child soldiers and displays were created in languages, the Library and Humanities corridor. Many members of staff throughout the school planned lessons and extra-curricular activities around the theme of Red Hand Day. In Citizenship students designed posters campaigning against Red Hand Day, In Spanish Mr Eley delivered an informative lesson to students in Spanish and Ms Broggan worked hard to compose poems with her poetry club. The day was enjoyed by both staff and students and many students felt proud that they were given an opportunity to raise awareness on this issue. I believe Red Hand Day was good because it showed that we care”

The Lammas School and Sports College
London, United Kingdom
Datum der Aktion: 13/02/2015
Anzahl gesammelter Hände: 700