Red Hand Day - Weltweite Aktivitäten

The future belongs to those who give the next generation hope Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world Nelson Mandela

Dana Brown and her new friends making a difference on Friday night at Whole Foods Fort Lauderdale

What a fantastic response!! A HUGE thank you to Shari Woods at Whole Foods Fort Lauderdale!


There is no stopping the power of collective thought - My husband Captain Paul Brown and I took a typical Friday night in Fort Lauderdale and witnessed the power of educating people about the horrors of the use of child soldiers. The folks at Whole Foods Fort Lauderdale, especially Shari Woods, were so incredible and so very supportive! The advertising and set-up certainly boosted the turnout. We collected just over 50 hands but what was even more amazing was the discourse that took place with people from all different ways of life, political opnions, etc. who stood side by side to help this important cause. Thank you to everybody! Go BSU and the BSU History Department!

Dana Brown/Paul Brown/Shari Woods of Whole Foods
Fort Lauderdale, United States
Datum der Aktion: 05/02/2009
Anzahl gesammelter Hände: 51