Red Hand Day - Weltweite Aktivitäten

Until lions have their historians, the hunt shall always glorify the hunter

WE CAN and WE DID make a difference with 75 kinderkids!

Please take action now

Listen to the children call out for other children

Do the RIGHT thing

We CAN make a difference!

Even the smallest voice shall be heard!


Upon my graduation from Ball State University, armed with a degree in History and a passion for Africa thanks to Dr. Stephanie Beswick , President Elect of the Sudan Studies Association and Ball State\'s African Studies Program, I decided that I needed to move forward with my mission to educate people on the serious problems that were so prevelant and destructive in other parts of the globe, especially Africa. I soon realized that disseminating information about the plight of child soldiers could not wait until I finished graduate school and started teaching. So I took the first step and, in conjunction with Margaret Baar, Eric Gomez and Rinata White of the Youth Services Division of The African American Research Library and Cultural Center in Fort Lauderdale, we coordinated efforts to bring a message of hope and peace for ALL children by organzing a Red Hand Event with approximately 75 kindergarteners. The event lasted an hour and a half and started with a tour of the Harrambe Room where the children were invited to reflect on images of Africa. The group then engaged in a brief tour of the art gallery which currently houses works by contemporary African, African American and Caribbean artists. The children were then treated to storytime and enjoyed stories that centered around peace and acceptance. Some the books included : \"The Peace Book by Todd Parr, \"The Alphabet Tree\" by Leo Lionni and \" by Eve Bunting. The children were then given an age appropriate synopsis of the plight of other chidlren around the globe and the importance and global significance of their participation in the creation of their own red hand was highlighted as such. The event was a success, the children grasped the meaning and the adults walked away inspired and informed enough to ask me for more information on how to get involved, who to contact and what else could be done to stop the use of child soldiers. * The chidlren were not allowed to be photographed so I have uploaded a picture of the collection of hands*

Dana Brown/Margaret Baar AARLCC Fort Lauderdale FL
Fort Lauderdale Florida, United States
Datum der Aktion: 28/01/2009
Anzahl gesammelter Hände: 75