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Date of event: 18/04/2018

Number of Hands: 22

Hits: 206

Be united to fight against child-exploitation, especially in wars!

We had a 1 hour program on the topic of anti-human trafficking in 4 weeks. One of the topic is on child-soldier. We played game, taught the real situation around the world & what we could do for voicing out our stand as against children being soldiers.

The Girls' Brigade Hong Kong
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Date of event: 12/03/2018

Number of Hands: 1200

Hits: 216

Child Soldiers International is a proud supporter of Red Hand Day and our campaign engaged hundreds of schools globally.

Schools from across the world participated in our Red Hand Day campaign

Child Soldiers International
London, United Kingdom
Date of event: 02/03/2018

Number of Hands: 168

Hits: 371

Alle Kinder sollen in Frieden leben!

Kinder, der Klasse D$, haben einen Artikel über die Aktion geschrieben und an die Braunscheiger Zeitung geschickt. Der Artikel sieht wie folgt aus:

Grundschule Comeniusstraße
Braunschweig, Germany
Date of event: 01/03/2018

Number of Hands: 1

Hits: 946

Versucht es zu stoppen

Kinder helfen

Duisburg, Germany
Date of event: 28/02/2018

Number of Hands: 263

Hits: 780

Kein Einsatz von Kindersoldaten

Aktion war ein voller Erfolg, Podiumsdiskussion in Planung

Alexander-von-Humboldt Gymnasium (evg. Relikurs)
53332 Bornheim, Germany
Date of event: 28/02/2018

Number of Hands: 148

Hits: 468

Keine Waffen in Kinderhände

Schüler unterstützen die Ziele des Red Hand Days

terre des hommes
Dortmund, Germany