Red Hand Day - activités mondiales


Date of event: 03/03/2017

Number of Hands: 31

Hits: 45

Teddys statt Kalaschnikov

Kinder sind keine Soldaten

Selma Lagerlöf Sekundarschule
Selm , Germany
Date of event: 20/02/2017

Number of Hands: 10

Hits: 300

Rote Hand: Auch Abgeordnete der Bremischen Bürgerschaft bekennen sich

Red Hand Day mahnt: Bundeswehr hat nichts an Schulen zu suchen

Fraktion DIE LINKE in der Bremischen Bürgerschaft
Bremen, Germany
Date of event: 18/02/2017

Number of Hands: 270

Hits: 45


The past 18th February was celebrated a beneficial concert in Salamanca for soldier children. During it, the choir was dressed like femail soldiers, and the sang different musical themes. At the end, all the attendees made a photo with the red hands.

Salamanca, Spain
Date of event: 15/02/2017

Number of Hands: 635

Hits: 45

Kinder sollen spielen, nicht schießen!

Bildübergabe an den Bürgermeister mit dem Wunsch, sie an Bundestagsabgeordnete weiterzuleiten. Frau Zypris hat sich bedankt und ihre Unterstützung versprochen.

Franziskanergruppe Viernheim
68519 Viernheim, Germany
Date of event: 14/02/2017

Number of Hands: 62

Hits: 452

We want help children who really need our help. We decided to do this project in our classes. Everyone joined!

We are 15 years old children and we were talking about this issue at social education at school. We grouped more than 60 people who printed their hands and want to help other children in the world.

Basic school Komenskeho Usti nad Orlici
Usti nad Orlici, Czech Republic
Date of event: 13/02/2017

Number of Hands: 14

Hits: 467

All the girls and boy deserve a happy, peaceful childhood

Red Hands made by the students have been sent to Morgan Freeman

Alicia Masiá Moreno IES Barri del Carme
Valencia, Spain