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Date of event: 01/12/2017

Number of Hands: 100

Hits: 1112

Children should be in school and not be forced to be militant or involved in war situation

Around 100 children and youth participated in observing Red Hand Day in Ambujwani area in Mumbai.

Mumbai, India
Date of event: 20/11/2017

Number of Hands: 6243

Hits: 11

Investieren Sie Ihre politische Schaffenskraft, um für eine Welt ohne Kindersoldaten zu kämpfen

Das Jugendrotkreuz Thüringen und der Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e.V. haben im Jahr 2017 in Kooperation ein Projekt zur „Aktion Rote Hand“ durchgeführt.

Volksbund / Jugendrotkreuz Thüringen
Erfurt, Germany
Date of event: 13/11/2017

Number of Hands: 155

Hits: 114

Schweizer Botschaft (Lugano)

A peaceful manifestation for children, not soldiers

COOPI Suisse
Lugano, Switzerland
Date of event: 13/06/2017

Number of Hands: 79

Hits: 1750

We are looking forward to returning every child soldier.

We explained child soldiers by making a story about real child soldiers. So many students listened to us, and participated in our campaign.

Lee ji hyeon / HMUN
Siheung, Gyeonggido, Korea, Republic of
Date of event: 08/06/2017

Number of Hands: 16

Hits: 2139

Canada is an advocate of peace.

Nursing Seminar an Awareness Regarding Child Soldiers

Humber College Bachelor of Nursing Student
Toronto, Canada
Date of event: 25/05/2017

Number of Hands: 23

Hits: 1688

Please help free child soldiers.

Classroom event

JoAnn Bush
Toronto, Canada